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If you are in need of wasp nest pest control for your home or business, Pest Professionals can help. We can usually provide a qualified pest control operative same or next day and in many cases our wasp nest treatment services are fully guaranteed.

The common wasp lives in colonies which grow throughout the summer and can cause serious alarm when present in larger numbers or when colonies are close to humans. Many thousands of wasps can serve a single queen and commonly their nests are concealed in hard-to-reach places, sometimes underground or in cavities in properties of loft spaces. Wasps react aggressively to being disturbed and can attack in swarms in this situation and are very likely to inflict a painful sting, which can be dangerous to those with allergies. Indeed a sting in the throat can be fatal. Under no circumstances should anyone but a qualified pest controller attempt removal of a wasp nest.


This is rarely a problem with wasps, which have a black and yellow abdomen pattern, black head and thorax, six legs and heavily-veined wings. An adult wasp is similar in size to a worker honey bee at 12-15mm in length. Queens are larger, at around 20mm.

What Is The Difference Between Wasps And Hornets?

Wasp Pest Removal Hornet Pest
Hornets are larger than wasps at 20-30mm. Wasps are black and yellow with little hair, whereas hornets are more normally chestnut brown and yellow with some hair. Wasps tend to feast on food waste and sugary substances and some insects, and can swarm when provoked. Hornets mainly feed on insects and do not swarm. Wasps are quick to sting and can sting repeatedly, and are common in late summer. Hornets usually sting only when provoked and are seen between May and September.

Wasp Nest Removal

Never tackle a wasps’ nest yourself. Wasp nest removal should only ever be tackled by an experienced and qualified pest controller who has the right protective clothing and the correct professional strength extermination products. One visit is usually enough to exterminate a wasp nest colony. Call now for a free consultation.

If you are in need of a wasp nest pest controller – speak to us. We provide pest control services over a widespread area throughout the year and can usually provide a qualified wasp pest control technician same or next day. In many cases our wasp pest control service is fully guaranteed. We are full members of the BPCA.

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