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Our Contract With You

Bookings taken over the phone or via email are a contract between the customer and the company (Pest Professionals). Calls may be recorded and we reserve the right to utilise recordings to resolve any issues that should arrive. Under this contract we commit not to reveal any personal or commercially sensitive information about your operation, property, family or personal arrangements. You commit not to discuss or put into any public domain or reveal or publish in any way on any platform, including but not restricted to online review websites and forums, any information about our company, methods, staff or our arrangements with contractors which we deem to be commercially sensitive. You further commit to not put in any public domain anything about our service which we deem to be unfair, untrue or vindictive. By commissioning our services, you agree that should you contravene the above commitment, you will remove any such information within 24 hours of us asking you. Should you refuse, we reserve the right to take legal redress and seek compensation for damage.

Prices, Parking, Toll and Congestion Charges

If we give a price over the phone or email and without a survey, we reserve the right to amend the quotation if, when we see the job, it is not as described or as we understood it to be. Should we arrive on a job where a survey has not been carried out and ascertain that in order to carry it out effectively and professionally more work is needed, we will discuss a new price with you. You are within your right to decline an ungraded service, but not the service originally booked. Should you cancel any service once our operatives are on site, for any reason whatsoever, you will be charged the agreed price. You understand when entering into a contract with us, that surveys are chargeable. Should a technician attend a survey, and not find any evidence of infestation or deem that no work is necessary, you understand that you will still be charged for this survey.
PLEASE NOTE: If parking is not provided by the customer, any parking costs will be added to the bill. Any toll or congestion charges will also be added to the bill. Customers are required to aid the technician in finding parking if asked and provide permits for the visiting technician is available applicable.


Where insecticidal or fumigation treatments are taking place or when dealing with hazardous or toxic waste such as during guano clearance and loft decontamination, our operatives are required to wear special breathing and protective PPE during application. Do not under any circumstances enter rooms during treatment or for at least four hours afterwards. We advise pets are kept out of treated rooms for 24 hours. Pest Professionals cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for triggering any sprinkler or alarm systems. This applies to all work including heat treatment. The customer must provide adequate information on disabling and resetting alarms and locks on the premises. If we have to move items in order to carry out the agreed work, we will not accept liability for any damage caused save where negligence can be proven. In the case of solar panel work, we do not accept liability for alleged damage caught to tiles, soffits or guttering in the unlikely event that this occurs during solar panel proofing, save where negligence can be proven. Where we are placing baits such as rodenticide you must not disturb bait placement or touch bait. Where proofing work needs to take place behind appliances, we will do our best. However in some cases (such as behind appliances or large, heavy furniture items) if may not be possible to carry this out safely.

Attendance and Call Out Fees

We agree a date time window for attendance with you on booking and advise how long we think it may take. If we arrive on site during the time window and cannot gain access and cannot get in touch with you on the numbers you have given to us, we will charge a call-out fee. This also applies to landlords and letting agents who book on behalf of tenants. In such situations, it is your responsibility entirely to ensure that we can gain access when we arrive. Call out fees will be charged at £80 + VAT per technician in attendance. If we have agreed to carry out additional follow up visits at no charge, and we cannot gain access at the agreed time, you will be charged the normal fee for that treatment.

Terms of Payment And Overdue Accounts

Where the customer is being invoiced, we expect payment within 14 days unless otherwise agreed. Where payment is by credit or debit card, payment is due as soon as the treatment is completed. Only in exceptional circumstances will we accept cash payments. We employ the services of a debt collection company for over-due accounts. Our accounts team will do its best to give you notice of an account moving into debt collection. However, it is not our responsibility if the phone number or email you supplied do not work, if email goes into junk, or if we have the wrong phone number or email. Once an account is passed to debt collection it is out of our hands. The debt collection company will pursue the outstanding amount in full, and add interest to the outstanding amount. They will also add their fees. Paying us the original amount after it has been passed to debt collection does not amount to payment in full for these reasons, and the debt collection company will continue to pursue you for the additional amounts. We take a 25% non-refundable deposit for some treatments. Unless by prior agreement, the balance will be charged using the payment method agreed as soon as such a job is completed. By booking our services you are entering into a contract with us, and agreeing to these payment terms. Postponements cannot be accepted less than 24 hours before our planned arrival day as we have teams to keep busy and in such circumstances we reserve the right to retain the deposit. For example, if your planned work is on the 6th, at any time, you cannot postpone or cancel on the 5th at any time without this applying. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to our arrival date we will always retain the deposit. Should we arrive at site or already be travelling to site and a cancellation or postponement is forced upon us, we will always retain the deposit.

Cancellation And Deposit Policy

Reserving our services at an agreed time and date is a binding contract with us and will result in us turning other work away at those times. Last-minute cancellations on the day of treatment are not accepted and in these circumstances you will be charged for the operatives’ time and fuel at a minimum rate of £80 + VAT per operative. We do understand that arrangements can change. If you are cancelling more than 48 hours before arrival and re-booking within seven days, no charge will be made. If you cancel or postpone within 48 hours and do not re-book on calling or emailing, we reserve the right to retain your deposit or charge 50% or the agreed fee.

Guarantees and Certificates

Our solar panel proofing service comes with a ten-year guarantee. The guarantee does not cover any situation where our work has been disturbed by other work that has been carried out in the area. The guarantee covers only re-setting the work originally done, not any new areas. Insecticidal woodworm treatments also sometimes carry a guarantee, which covers retreatment only of areas previously already treated where new activity can be proved. Guarantees cannot not be offered where we are treating areas or items that have a barrier on them, such as paint or varnish. We reserve the right to inspect before agreeing to any work under guarantee. Should work under guarantee be required, we will endeavour to do this when in the area. We can provide certificates for the guarantee if required. Should you wish us to send you a guarantee we can send this as a PDF by email – contact the office on 0800 327 7293 or at

Non-Preparation Delays

Some treatments may require preparation which we will discuss with you prior to our arrival and if needed send through by email if provided. Should the required preparation not be done when our technicians arrive, resulting in postponement in the job, you will be charged a call out fee if £150 + VAT for heat treatment, bird proofing and woodworm work and £80 + VAT for standard single technician jobs. The operatives reserve the right to refuse to treat if they feel non preparation means the treatment will not work. Should non-preparation result in delays in starting treatment, you will be charged an additional £150 + VAT for heat treatment, bird proofing and woodworm work and £80 + VAT per hour for other single operative work.


Should you wish to discuss what happened on a treatment with us, you should call the office on 01832 771838 or email us at We do not issue refunds. However, if we agree that the treatment or proofing job has not been carried out as agreed, we may agree to attend again and re-treat. The decision will be down to the directors of the company. Any such discussions must begin within 48 hours of the treatment having taken place. We will always look to respond to any disputes within 72 hours (working days, Mon-Fri).

Reports, Surveys, Paid Invoices

Treatment reports are available at request and supplied by email as PDFs. If you would like a treatment report, please contact the office on 01832 771838. Survey reports for bird work are also supplied as PDFs. If you have not received a paid invoice for work carried out by us and need one, please call the office or email

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