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There are over a million different insect species on the planet, and in various forms they can bite, sting and spread disease… or just be a complete nuisance.

Beetles, lice, moths, spiders, wood lice, sliver fish, carpet beetles, flies, wasps, ants, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs and parasites are all insects we commonly deal with. Whatever the problem, we can help. Identification is the first step, after which we can move forward with advice on how best to tackle the issue.

A strong knowledge of entomology and professional strength insecticides is needed to swiftly and effectively deal with insect outbreaks, as different insects require different products and a different approach. All of our pest professionals are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with a multitude of insect problems. Call now for a free consultation.

Some common Insect Pests that we regularly deal with…


Beetle Pest Removal
There are over 4000 beetle species in the UK. Carpet Beetles, Hide Beetles and Larder Beetles are among the most common pests. Carpet beetles are a particular indoor pest. They are very destructive to woollen materials , furs, leathers, fabric furniture and carpets, but can be successfully tackled with professional strength insecticides.


Moth Pest Removal
It’s not the moths themselves but their larvae that are the problem as they can feed on dry stored products and fabric and can cause serious (and expensive) damage. There are over 2,000 UK moth species but four are a particular problem indoors – the brown house moth, the white shouldered clothes moth, the common clothes moth and the case bearing clothes moth. Can be tackled with traps, monitoring and heat.

Cluster Flies

Cluster Fly Pest Removal
Unbelievably, there are thought to be over 7,000 fly species in the UK. Cluster flies are a particular pest as they cluster up indoors in their thousands in winter. We do however treat many kinds of fly problems including house fly and fruit fly infestations.


Spider Pest Removal
There are some 650 spider species in the UK of which only about 12 are thought to bite, including the false widow spider (pictured). Common species found in and around the house include the house spider and daddy longlegs spider.

Mosquitos and Midges

Mosquito and Midge Pest Removal
Both of these biting insects are dependent on water and their presence indoors may mean some attention to proofing is needed. It’s the females that eat your blood, but in the UK they are not thought to transmit serious disease.

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