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Pigeons, jackdaws and certain gulls are three of the bird species that we as pest controllers have to deal with the most. They can not only cause a noise, nuisance and mess, they can also block guttering and chimney flues, and can cause expensive damage to loft and roof spaces if they are able to access them. Feral pigeons in particular can also be a significant health hazard and can spread serious diseases including Salmonella and E.Coli through their waste.

There are other reasons why control may be absolutely necessary as well. In large numbers they can frequently produce such a volume of waste matter that pavements and entrances can become dangerously slippery, not to mention messy. And they can quickly damage a company’s image if not dealt with. Their fouling is a vector for some really very nasty bacteria and pathogens that can cause really very serious illness in humans if it’s ingested or gets into cuts, or if the dry guano is breathed in. Guano is also high in uric acid and can corrode and stain.

Their abandoned nests and roosting sites also commonly become infested with fleas, biting bird mites and other unwanted insect pests and gulls in particular can be very aggressive towards people as they approach nesting season.

Bird Control

There are a number of proven measures of bird control we can advise on, including bird netting, bird spikes, pin and wire and some very effective newwe bird proofing products and deterrents that are ideal for situations where spikes and netting are simply not practical or desirable such as lasers, bio-acoustic control and shock tracking. We also specialise in hawking using trained harris hawks and falcon crosses to deter unwanted birds away from certain areas and whatever your problem or the time of year, we can also discuss the current bird control licensing parameters with you.

Bird work can of course be potentially hazardous, often involving working at height, and should absolutely only be carried out be a qualified, licensed, experienced and fully insured professional pest controller in accordance with the Health and Safety Act 1974. Our technicians are fully trained and have access to a variety of ladder and scaffolding access options and are also qualified in the use of MEWP equipment like cherry pickers.

Balcony Netting for Bird Proofing

Birds like pigeons and seagulls are looking for sheltered spots high up to roost and nest, and balconies are almost custom-made for them. If you have an issue with pigeons on your balcony or other birds, the only realistically effective way is to net the balcony off with bird netting. We can carry out balcony netting and pigeon netting for balconies across most of England. If the pigeons are nesting, we have the appropriate licences in place.

A 7×7 strand steel shaping wire is used right around the perimeter of the balcony to hold the netting in place and this needs to fixed with appropriate fixings on all open sides. Barrel strainers are used to keep the wires and netting taught long term with the netting itself attached segment by segment using SR8 grade hog ring staples. Balcony Netting for Bird ProofingStandard netting for balconies is black pigeon netting. Although it does obstruct the view out a bit, once installed the 50mm mesh size means that it’s more aesthetically pleasing than you might imagine. Translucent and stone coloured netting options are also available although they do cost more, and zips can be installed to allow access through if needed. We can also clean-down any build-up of fouling and treat with biocide to deal with the pathogens and bird mites present while carrying out the netting work. Cost will be governed mainly by dimensions and what we are fitting into. Ideally, if you could enquire by email including a picture or two and dimensions of height, width and depth of the balcony and what floor you are on that will move things forward quickly. However if you prefer to call first that’s fine too. We cover most of England for balcony netting for pigeons and other birds and if the pigeons are nesting, we have the appropriate licences in place.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

What solar panel fitting companies don’t tell you when they install your solar panels is that they are creating a perfect, warm, sheltered area that birds love, and thousands of householders have been plagued with the problem of pigeons nesting under solar panels.

At Pest Professionals we are specialists in solar panel bird proofing – indeed we have six full time solar panel proofing teams. We are able to provide a full, one-stop service for solar panel pigeon control, including the provision of scaffolding and PASMA trained teams if required; proofing of the outer edges of the solar panels with a robust galvanised steel pigeon guard. We will remove what nesting materials we can without risking panel performance, and clean the panel surfaces and the gutters beneath the panels as part of the service.

Unlike other companies, we use a tough, solid sheet mesh (rather than more flimsy roll mesh) that stops pigeons nesting under solar panels for good. It’s cut using industrial cutters to not only create a flush, neat and robust fit around the edges of your solar panel configuration that looks good. But also the prongs can if required be cut to ride the highs and lows of your roof tiles so that we create a neat and bespoke fit to your roof and the panels on it. There is no drilling involved to fit our solar panel pigeon protection. The mesh panels are attached using UVA stable black carbon all weather fittings that will not break with weathering, and the process comes with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.In good weather we are carrying out some 60 solar panel proofing jobs per week.

We cover all of England and Wales with our solar panel pigeon protection service. We are full BPCA members and CHAS accredited, and have £10 million public liability insurance. Our solar panel proofing works are booked through our specialist bird proofing division, British Bird Control – feel free to check out our REVIEWS ON TRUST PILOT. As you will see we have a five-star Trust Pilot rating.

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