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Bed Bug Interceptors From Cimexine

Bed Bug Interceptors From Cimexine

Bed bug specialists have released  a new range of high quality interceptors to help the public in their fight against bed bugs.

Cimexine bed bug interceptors
Cimexine bed bug interceptors – the outer rim is ridged, allowing them to climb up.

These high quality, durable bed bug interceptors create a barrier that will stop bed bugs climbing up the bed frame and onto you and your family, and also catch any on the way down.

The outer rim is ridged, giving the beg bugs and bed bug nymphs the ‘purchase’ they need to climb up it.

However, once over the rim they fall into the moat, which has high gloss sides that bed bugs cannot crawl out of.

Inside the dish, where you place the bed or furniture legs, is rough. Again the bugs can move over this, but as they try to get out they once again fall into the trough, and are trapped.


L: 17cm
W: 15cm
H: 2.5cm

Bed Bug Interceptors From Cimexine – Pack of Four: £19.99

If you are looking for bed bug products or bed bug pest control, visit . They have an extensive range of bed bug killer sprays and powders for amateur use, bed bug traps and monitors, and the biggest range of bed bug mattress encasements you will find anywhere (40 sizes!), plus bed bug bed base protectors, duvet protectors and pillow pillow protectors

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