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Many of us think of rats when we hear the word ‘vermin’, but in actual fact it applies to any pest or nuisance animal that impacts on humans by spreading diseases or destroying crops and livestock.

Rats were of course responsible for the Black Death or bubonic plague, or to be exact it was in fact the rat flea that initially transmitted it. To this day rodents carry a micro-organism that causes leptospirosis. The micro-organism lives in the rat without causing illness, but if passed onto humans either by direct contact or through contact with surfaces of water contaminated, for instance, with rat urine, it can lead to the potentially fatal form of leptospirosis known at Weil’s Disease.

The introduced North American grey squirrel is in fact a rodent and is a serious pest on tree plantations, where it strips back bark and causes severe damage to young trees. Grey squirrels also have a tendency to get into lofts in houses where they will cause all manner of damage, including to electrical cables.

Rabbits aren’t strictly speaking vermin, but they do cause all manner of problems for the farming industry. It’s estimated that wild rabbits caused in excess of £50millon in damage to agricultural crops in the UK every year, and at times there is no choice but to control them either through exclusion to extermination techniques. Indeed UK landowners have a legal obligation to control them.

There are many approaches to vermin control, each of which is bespoke to the problem pest. Call one of our Pest Professionals for a free, no obligation consultation.


Rat Pest Removal
Carries leptospirosis which can be spread to humans via its urine and which can lead to the potentially fatal Weil’s Disease.


Mouse Pest Removal
Attracted to houses by availability of food and shelter. Cause damage to buildings by chewing through walls and commonly cause fire hazards by chewing through wiring.


Mole Pest Removal
A real problem where clear, flat, grass surfaces are required such as lawns, golf courses, formal and domestic gardens, bowling greens, racecourses and cricket pitches.

Grey Squirrels

Squirell Pest Removal
A serious pest on tree plantations and also commonly causes significant damage when in domestic loft spaces.

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