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Although spiders do a plenty of good by way of natural insect control, in particular predating on over-wintering queen wasps, there is no question that there is a general fear of them. In one or two cases you absolutely don’t want them around, and one of those is the case of the false widow spider. This spider is certainly ‘on the march’ in the UK and although most reports have the tendency to be from the Southern Counties, reports are popping up from other areas too, including Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk. Although its bite is not as nasty as that of the black widow, they do give a nasty venomous bite with the pain said to be similar to that of a wasp or bee sting. The bite of this spider and others of the genus Steatoda can also produce symptoms knows as Steatodism in which the victim exhibits an intense pain radiating from the bite, along with fever and general discomfort. To puts it simply, something to avoid if you can! The False Widow constructs a scaffold style web of enormous strength, usually incorporating a tubular hole into which is retreats. They have poor vision and rely on vibration to latch onto their prey.


The false widow spider has a brown body and legs with a shiny appearance, and has distinctive cream markings on its bulbous body. The creamy markings are often likened to a skull shape. Females (9.5-14mm) are slightly larger than males (7-11mm), and their bites are significantly worse!!


Do not attempt to rid your property of false widow or other biting spiders– if in any doubt, call a professional. Treatment involves a mixture of physical collection, web elimination and making use of professional strength insecticidal sprays with a strong residual.

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