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Mice are extremely destructive. Anyone who has had mice in their garage or shed will testify as to how costly their gnawing habits are, and how quickly large colonies can establish. Mice also carry and spread diseases such as salmonella and need to be dealt with when in close contact with humans very quickly.

Generally speaking we are most likely to come across the House Mouse, which has a brown to grey back with a lighter underside and a tail slightly shorter in length than its body. They only live for a few months, but are sexually mature inside eight weeks and will have several litters in their lifespan. They usually nest indoors and are very good climbers.

As well as damaging property, they often gnaw through electrical cables and are the cause of numerous house fires as a result. A professional baiting, trapping and proofing service is normally required to eradicate the problem.

Mouse Control

The first job of the pest controller will be to try and identify where the mice are coming from. After this is established, the pest controller will discuss proofing methods with you, before commonly implementing the use of a combination approach pairing trapping with slow acting rodenticides in tamper resistant bait stations. Call now for a free consultation.

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