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When you understand how cockroaches operate, you quickly realise why you need to get rid of them straight away. Cockroaches foul their environment with faeces or castings and with regurgitated food, and they move indiscriminately from their filth to food and back again. They will eat anything from food fragments, to paper and cardboard and even fabric. They taint materials with their characteristic ‘musky, oily’ smell and even the air in infested premises may contain fragments of their excrement. The potential for the spread of pathogens such as salmonella and other diseases is obvious and it’s no surprise that their presence causes great distress. We won’t go further (although we could!) but the bottom line is that if you have cockroaches, you need to get rid of them and you need a professional pest controller to do the dirty work.

The most common (and arguably most disgusting) cockroach in the UK is the Oriental Cockroach. Adults are about 20-30mm long and dark brown. During the day they spend their time in harbourages, grouped together. They are usually on the ground floor only because they are poor climbers. Their activity peaks in the hours of darkness – if you start seeing them in the day the infestation may be quite severe. They tend to prefer damp, dark places generally so are often found under fridges, in drains, near pipes and in sewers.

Signs Of Cockroaches
  1. Lingering oily, musky odour
  2. Small black or brown cylindrical droppings about 2mm long
  3. Cockroach casts – take a note of where you find these
  4. Seeing them in daylight – usually a sign that the infestation is well established
Cockroach Control

Before any work to eradicate cockroaches is carried out, it is vital to first identify the cockroach species. This will provide the pest controller with the biology, life cycle and typical habit information of the pest which will be instrumental in helping draw up the required approach. The pest controller will then look to establish where they are coming from. If this is not possible, they may assist in planning the use of night-vision cameras in this process.

A combination of sticky traps, professional strength gel baits and non-chemical control methods is commonly advised, and monitoring should be put in place. If the infestation is well established, an integrated approach drawn up by an experienced professional pest controller is essential. Call now for a free consultation.

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