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Bed bugs are a rapidly growing problem in the UK both in domestic and paid-for accommodation environments. They are expert hitch hikers and if you start getting bitten in your sleep soon after staying away from home or in a new property, they could be the cause.

Bed bugs like to live close to their blood meal. They have a flat profile and can harbour in the tiniest of cracks and crevices between joints in the bed or bedroom furniture, or behind headboards. The seams of mattresses are another favourite harbourage point and bed bug mattress encasements should be considered as a measure to cut down on bites quickly. Bed bugs emerge at night, reacting to changes in your carbon dioxide output when you are asleep. They use their mouth parts to pierce the skin, injecting an anti-coagulant and anti-biotic at the same time so they can readily feed on your blood without you feeling it. They tend to feed for 5-15 minutes until they are full, which can result in them being three times their normal size.

Bed Bug Bites And Effects

There is no one common reaction to bed bug bites. We have come across properties with serious infestations, yet the inhabitants show no signs of bites. Others may experience a row of reddish bites and for others a real irritation. One of the most common and very real effects of a bed bug infestation is psychological, causing inhabitants to be unable to sleep and (not that uncommonly) experience significant stress and trauma.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are often mistaken but are not difficult to identify. An adult bed bug is 4-5mm in length and easily visible to the human eye. They are six-legged and also have two prominent antennae projecting from the head close to the eyes. They have five defined life stages with nymphs being smaller and often translucent. Eggs are about 1mm long, and white or yellowish in colour.

Bed Bug Signs

Because they hide so readily it can be hard to find bed bugs. However, after they have fed they are often too big to get into their hiding place and have to defecate to get back into a safe place. This leaves black spotting around their living area, which can be seen by the human eye. There are a number of bed bug monitors available. We recommend the Cimexine Bed Bug Trap and Monitoring System.


Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are one of today’s problem pests because they are hard to find, and hard to kill. They are adept in developing resistance to even professional strength insecticides and unfortunately you are extremely unlikely to have any success tackling the problem yourself. We specialise in bed bug removal regularly independently test the insecticides available to pest controllers against bed bugs that we know have developed resistance to insecticides. We know which ones are the best and which ones attain only poor results. If the infestation is light and relativelly new, we recommend two insecticidal treatments two weeks apart. This gives around four weeks of effective residual which should be enough to cover the gestation period of the eggs. We send you a preparation document. It’s vital you continue to sleep in the rooms. If you don’t there will be no CO2 signature in the rooms at night, and the bugs won’t come out to feed, won’t come into contact with the residual, and it won’t work. No-one can or should guarnatee insecticidal treatments – you don’t know if it’s going to work until you try. Howeveer two treatments often works. We recommend heat treatment for bed bugs when the outbreak is well established, including GUARANTEED BED BUG ERADICATION through our sister company Cimexine.

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