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There are estimated to be more than 18 million pigeons in Britain. Not only are they undoubtedly very messy they readily damage roofing, and nests frequently block gutting and chimney flues. They can also be a health hazard, not just from their droppings, but also because they have been known to carry disease. These include Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, and Psittacosis, similar to pneumonia.

Pigeons are a particular problem in town and city centres and it’s estimated that councils spend up to £15 million a year clearing up pigeon waste, which not only cause buildings to look unsightly, but can also present a health hazard when dried as it’s thought that spores from dried droppings when inhaled can cause a flu-like illness in humans. Additionally nests and roosts are commonly infested with unwanted insects such as mites, and sometimes there is no choice but to implement control methods.

Pigeon Control

The killing or removal of birds from an area is seldom an effective method because it simply creates a vacuum which other birds will move into. Bird proofing through various means is the best solution.

Bird work is hazardous, and should only be carried out by a qualified, experienced, licensed and fully insured professional pest controller in accordance with the Health and Safety Act 1974.

There are various methods that can be employed inside and out including netting, spikes, expanding foam and modern proofing and deterrent products. We have a number of experienced bird proofing professionals who would be happy to offer their advice.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

We are also specialists in solar panel proofing from bird damage and nesting. All of our bird proofing work has a 10 year guarantee.

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