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Woodworm Treatment Services in Norwich and East Anglia

If you have woodworm in your property or at your business then you have a problem that is not going to go away without expert assistance. Pest Professionals in Norwich, covering all of East Anglia can assist to present you with instant advice and help if you have woodworm issues in two very easy and effective stages:

The no obligation phone consultation service applies to both residential and business customers in the Norwich East Anglia region. No woodworm or timber job is too large or too small for us to look at. Where appropriate we are able to offer guidance on any immediate steps called for to protect your well being, property or belongings prior to a visit. If a visit is required we let you know if there will be a call out fee and advise on the likely rates of any timber or woodworm treatment should it be required.

Treatment of Woodworm and Timber Pests

The widespread use of timber in modern structural applications (floor joists, roof purlins, floorboards, rafters etc.) has increased the threat that timber pests pose. If left untreated, these insects will cause considerable damage, which can eventually result in structural failure of the building.

Although the adults can fly, woodworm is typically brought into a home for the first time through the purchase of previously owned furniture pieces and can of course also cause significant damage to expensive wooden furniture, which may be antique.

Woodworm is in fact not a specific species of timber pest, but a generic term for the larval stage of a many wood damaging beetles.

The Furniture Beetle, a small brown insect which is about 3mm to 5mm in length and flies quite readily, is the commonest. The Furniture Beetle lays its eggs on rough, unpolished wood and as soon as they hatch the grubs bore directly into the wood – leaving no trace until they emerge as beetles three years or so later, usually between May and September. Longhorn, Powder Post, Wharf Borer and Death Watch Beetles, the latter of which only infests large, old, hardwood beams, all possess a foothold in the UNITED KINGDOM.

The first indication of woodworm many people see is precise, rounded holes about 2mm across in timber surface areas, often found with by tiny piles of wood dust underneath them.

Fresh holes show clean white wood within. Although the holes are made by emerging adult beetles that are as a result no longer a direct threat to the structure, larvae may nonetheless be tunnelling away inside the wood. Brittle edges to boards and to joists are also often a good indication of their inhabitance and the necessity for woodworm control measures.

Woodworm Control

Treatment for Woodworm
In cases where valued, rare and high priced pieces of wooden furniture, musical instruments, decorative or structural woodwork are impacted and need saving, a specialist woodworm treatment approach will definitely be needed. Woodworm in furniture may be cured with the use of the appropriate kind of proprietary woodworm killer, with fluid injected into key flight holes. Floorboards should be lifted to get at the undersurfaces and the joists.

If you have woodworm you will want to get rid of them. One of our skilled Pest Professionals will carry out an initial survey to establish the type of timber pest involved and the extent of the problem, before advising on the most suitable treatment. The good news is that on evaluation a suitable treatment can eliminate woodworm entirely. In the event of a heavy or hard to eradicate infestation, we can also advise on specialist heat treatment approach.

Varieties of Timber Pests in the UK

The Furniture Beetle

Furniture Beetle Treatment
The most common timber pest in the UK. Damages furniture, musical instruments, decorative woodwork etc. Larvae live for 3-5 years in the wood.

Beetle Larvae

Beetle Larvae Treatment
Timber pest larvae bore deep into the wood and emerge from May to September. They can be burrowing in the wood for years.

Death Watch Beetle

Death Watch Beetle Treatment
Dark reddish brown. Grubs like to eat older, hardwood structural timbers and can live in them for ten years.

House Longhorn Beetle

House Longhorn Beetle Treatment
Black/brown beetle not native to UK and primarily found in SE England. Infests seasoned and partly seasoned softwoods like pine.

Powder Post Beetle

Powder Post Beetle Treatment
Red/brown beetle that needs a diet of starch found in certain hardwoods. Can be a real problem in timber yards.

Wharf Borer Beetle

Wharf Borer Beetle Treatment
A brown beetle about 1cm long which inhabits decayed wet timber. Adults commonly found around waterways.

If you need sound advice or rapid solutions to woodworm or timber pest problems anywhere in Norwich or East Anglia – speak to us.



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