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Rat Control in Kettering / Rat Control in Corby

Pest Professionals is local to Corby and Kettering and we know all about the rat problems in both places. We work closely with Corby Council in rat control and also with many businesses, landlords and residential customers who have rats in the house or rats in the garden.

The key when considering how to get rid of rats is understanding what is attracting them to the area in the first place. There will always be a food element. If rats have a reliable source of regular food and water, they will look to nest and breed nearby. And rats breed incredible fast in this situation. A well-fed female rat will give birth to around 8 litters of between seven and 12 young rats a year.

If you are seeing rats in Corby and Kettering they will generally the brown rat, which live in sewers but will come out into the open if there is food to be had, including during the day.

Rats are excellent climbers, and will readily go straight up a brick wall and enter wall cavities and attic spaces if they can get in. If they can get in, rats in the house cause extensive damage. They have to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth from over-growing, and will often go for electrical cables and gas and water pipes.

Rats also carry disease, including Weils Disease, which is carried in their urine and can be fatal to humans. They also carry fleas, ticks, lice and mice, all of which can themselves transmit serious secondary diseases and infections. Plus they spread germs and bacteria through their defecation. If you have rats, you have a duty under the law of the land to act. But most of all, if you don’t act to get rid of rats from the home, you and your family are highly likely to fall ill.

If you are looking for rat pest control in Kettering and Corby and the surrounding area, we are happy to offer no-obligation, friendly and free advice over the phone. If a treatment for rats is needed, we will talk you through the best way to get rid of rats in your situation.

If you have rats inside the house, they will often be entering where pipework is, such as under the kitchen units. The key when it comes to how to kill rats and to come up with a long term rat solution at the same time is to make sure you get the bait take up first, and only when this is achieved, look to proof to discourage future ingress. There is no point proofing first. Proofing for rats is included within reason, although if we find substantial holes which require maintenance or cement work, we will advise on this.

We are full BPCA members and offer specialist rat pest control in Kettering and Corby, and also offer rat control in Thrapston, Oundle, Deane, Wellingborough, Market Harborough, Oakham, Stamford and Rushden.


The no obligation phone consultation service applies to both residential and business customers in the Kettering area. No rat control job is too big or too small for us to look into. Where appropriate we have the expertise advise on any urgent action required to protect your health, property or belongings prior to a visit. If a visit is called for we let you know if there will be a call out fee and also advise on the likely costs of any rat control work should it be necessary.

Rats In Corby And Kettering

In the UK you are likely to come across the Brown Rat (common or sewer rat) and the Black Rat (ship rat).

The Black Rat has been with us the longest and has been discovered in digs in the city of London dating back to the third century. It lives only for around a year, but is sexually active in 2-3 months. Its tail is longer than its body and it’s a very good climber, and can readily enter loft spaces.

The slightly bigger and much more common brown rat or sewer rat originated in Asia and was first recorded in Europe only in the 18th century. Its tail is slightly shorter than its body. The brown rat often lives in the ground and in sewers and drains. Rats eat practically anything, and need a readily available source of water.

Rats really do carry disease. Weil’s Disease, which can be fatal to humans, carried in their urine. They are also a substantial fire risk because of their inclination to gnaw through electrical cables. Rats can cause structural damage to the property.

The Brown Rat

Brown Rat Pest Removal
The brown rat is the most common and largest rat in the UK and commonly lives in sewage systems.

The Black Rat

Black Rat Pest Removal
The black rat is smaller, darker and sleeker than the brown rat and is generally found at roof level.

Rat Control

When they are coming into contact with humans, rat control is essential. Protective clothing needs to be worn when dealing with a rat infestation, and getting rid of rats is something that should be entrusted to qualified professionals only. Your pest controller will work with you to try and work out how the rats are entering your building, before introducing tried and tested rat control methods.
If you need sound advice or a fast solution to rat control Kettering & Corby or the surrounding towns and villages – get in touch.

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