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Flea Extermination And Flea Control Services in The Milton Keynes Area

If you have fleas in your property or at your business then you should know they they multiply very rapidly. You need to swiftly to stop the flea infestation getting out of hand and to stop the flea bites, which can spread infection. Pest Professionals in Milton Keynes specialises in flea control, and we can provide you with instant, expert advice on the best way to get rid of fleas from your home or business.

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Flea Infestations

The flea is a biting pest that is most active in the summer months and is commonly associated with properties with pets and animals. Fleas respond to motion, light changes and carbon dioxide, and can jump huge distances (onto you!) using their extremely powerful back legs to grab a blood meal. After a good feed a female may lay several hundred eggs. Flea infestations can thus get out of hand very rapidly.
Fleas can keep in the pupal stage for a year. The pupae can sense vibrations and develop into the adult stage within three seconds and right away take a blood meal. This is why buildings that have been empty for a long period of time can appear to have a sudden flea infestation when people enter.

Types of Flea

There are a variety of different species of fleas, with the cat flea being by far the most commonplace. They are generally thought to be transmitters of disease and must be tackled. If you are getting bitten in a new property it could be that the former owners had a cat or dog with a flea problem. Fleas may however be carried by most hairy animals and birds including cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice and livestock. Non-treatment can also lead to pets developing allergies.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

The best way to get rid of fleas is with the use of a powerful, professional strength residual insecticide which kills on contact, and leaves a residue that is working for you for many days after treatment. Fleas are a ground dwelling biting insect that lay their eggs on fabric, and therefore we advise that you hot wash and tumble dry any fabrics that have been in contact with the ground prior to us undertaking a flea treatment for house. Because flea pupae (the stage before they emerge into adults) and the eggs are not always eradicated fully by the insecticides, a follow-up flea treatment for home or business infestations may be recommended, especially in flea infestations that have become well established. The most effective flea treatments always will require pet owners to have their pets treated at the same time. In our experience probably the best pet treatment for fleas is Frontline.

Natural Flea Control
If you are looking for a natural flea killer or you prefer natural flea control over insecticide treatments, the best approach is to use a high grade insect killer powder applied lightly to all carpeted areas. The kind of application you are looking for would be like sprinkling icing sugar on a cake, and the product we recommend is the Cimexine Bug Duster Insect Killer Powder which comes in both powder and aerosol form. The same website also provides an effective and strong, ready to spray amateur use insecticide called Insectaclear Strong, which is suitable for application on fabrics.

Flea Bites

As pest controllers, we are often asked by distressed customers; ‘How can I tell what is biting me in my home?’. In actually fact there are not that many suspects. Fleas tend to bite around the lower leg and ankle, producing an unpleasant itch or rash. They react to vibration and bite you during the day. Flea bites often tend to have a tiny red spot in the centre, surrounded by a reddened area. Commonly you will see two or three bites in a row on your ankles, wrist or belt line. Youngsters commonly react badly to flea bites. However if the bites are taking place during the night and on the upper body, bed bugs could be the cause. Mosquitoes are the only other common candidate. Most species bite in the evening and at night, but you can usually hear them even if you can’t see them, and they prefer to be somewhere near stagnant water as that’s where they lay their eggs.

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