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Pigeon Control Services in Hampshire and Dorset

If you are having to deal with the consequences of a pigeon presence or pigeon population explosion on your property or land in the Hampshire and Dorset area, then rest assured that Pest Professionals can help. We can provide you with immediate suggestions and help you to manage any type of pigeon issue in two very easy and practical steps:

The no obligation phone consultation applies to both residential and business customers in the Hampshire and Dorset area. No pigeon control job is too large or too small for us to look into. Where relevant we are able to recommend on any urgent action required to protect your, property, garden or crops prior to a visit. If a visit is required we let you know if there will be a call out charge and also advise on the likely costs of any pigeon control measures should they be required.

Reasons why Pigeon Control is Necessary

There are believed to be more than 18 million pigeons in Britain. Not only are they undoubtedly very messy they readily damage roofing, and nests frequently block gutting and chimney flues. They can additionally be a health hazard, not just from their excrement, but also due to the fact that they have been known to carry disease. These include things like Chiamdiosis, a virus much like influenza, and Psittacosis, similar to pneumonia.

Pigeons are a distinct problem in town and city centres and it’s estimated that councils spend up to � 15 million a year clearing up pigeon waste, which not only cause buildings to look unpleasant, but can also present a health hazard when dried as it’s believed that spores from dried droppings when inhaled can cause a flu-like illness in humans. Furthermore nests and roosts are frequently infested with undesirable insects such as mites, and sometimes there is no choice but to implement control methods.

Methods of Pigeon Control

The killing or clearing of birds from an area is almost never an effective method because it simply creates a vacuum which other birds will move into. Bird proofing through a variety of means is the most efficient solution.

Bird work is hazardous, and should only be performed by a qualified, experienced, licensed and fully insured professional pest controller in accordance with the Health and Safety Act 1974.

There are numerous methods that could be used inside and out including netting, spikes, expanding foam and modern proofing and deterrent products. We have a number of knowledgeable bird proofing professionals who would be happy to offer their advice.

If you need sound advice or fast solutions to pigeon issues anywhere in the towns and villages of Hampshire and Dorset – speak to us.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

What they don’t tell you when they fit your solar panels is that they are creating a perfect, warm, sheltered area that birds love, and thousands of householders have been plagued with the problem of pigeons nesting under solar panels. At Pest Professionals we are specialists in solar panel bird proofing, We are able to provide a full, one stop service for solar panel pigeon control, including the provision of scaffolding if required, proofing of all the solar panels and a full clean-up service of bird nesting material including the application of a biocide if required to provide a treatment for bird mites. Unlike other companies, we use a tough mesh that not only stops pigeons nesting under solar panels for good, it also stops smaller birds and rodents like squirrels getting under them. All of our bird proofing work has a 10 year guarantee and our prices are highly competitive. If you are looking for solar panel bird proofing in Cambridge and the surrounding area, call us now on 01223 953017.

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