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Bee Removal in the Cambridge Area

If you have an issue with bees or a bees nest at your home or place of work the Pest Professionals in Cambridge can help. We provide you with immediate service in two very effective steps:

The no obligation phone consultation service applies to both residential and business customers in the Cambridge area. No bee problem or bees nest removal job is too large or too small for us to consider. Where relevant we are able to advise on any immediate action required to protect your health, property or belongings prior to a visit. If a visit is called for we let you know if there will be a call out fee and also advise on the likely costs of any bee removal should it be needed.

Bee Friendly Pest Control

Bees form complex social colonies with a single fertile queen and are an exceptionally valuable pollinator. Because of this our first concern as pest controllers when bee’s nest removal is required is to keep the bee hive alive and intact.

The key is to locate an experienced beekeeper who will receive the bee hive and take care of it, and we can usually assist in this task.

Worker bees form the considerable bulk of the colony and their numbers can get to over 30,000 in the height of the season. Some workers remain with the queen to tend her, feed the larvae, produce honey, create new wax honeycombs for the larvae and guard the nest. Older workers leave the nest in the hunt for sources of nectar and pollen. The queen may lay a million eggs in her lifetime.

Bees are generally not considereded pests and (unless provoked) will not attack you. The sting of worker bees is barbed and can not be retracted, and carries a poison sac which continues to pump venom.

A small minority of individuals are hyper allergic to this venom and if a hive is in close proximity to people, for example, nearby to the house, or even in it (chimneys being a top candidate), action may be required to move it. This should only ever be attempted by an experienced pest controller or bee keeper, both of whom will put on special protective clothing.

Eradication is really a last option for a pest controller, and will depend upon his ability to take out the honeycomb and/or seal the nest after the work is completed. There is a significant danger of secondary poisoning if robber bees access a previously poisoned nest and carry the insecticide back to their home colony.

How To Discriminate Between Bees and Wasps

Bee Pest Removal Wasp Pest Removal
Both bees and wasps are members of the Hymenoptera order of insects, but they can be easily distinguished from each other. Honey bees are usually dark brown, with a pale orange/amber band and, importantly, they are hairy. Wasps possess bright yellow and black stripes and have a constricted waist and smooth skin.

If you require sound advice or a speedy solution to bee problem or a bees nest removal anywhere in Cambridge or the nearby towns and villages – speak to us.

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